What is Life Care?

Balanced living means having Life Care in the equation.

To be licensed as a Life Plan Community, it’s necessary to offer progressive levels of care. But not every community that offers care services also offers a Life Care contract. The Type A Life Care contract guarantees the care you need, for as long as you need it, at rates similar to what you’d pay in Independent Living. It’s considered the gold standard senior living healthcare contract. If you should need Assisted Living, Senior Rehabilitation, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing Care, you’ll receive these services at about the same monthly fee you’d pay in Independent Living. Learn the many benefits and advantages of Life Care. Contact us now via quick form with questions.

The advantages of Life Care at Jefferson’s Ferry.

By choosing Life Care now, you’ll know who will provide your care in the future. You won’t have to search for care when you need it. You’ll know what it will cost — something that just isn’t possible without a Life Care contract. That’s because the costs associated with long-term care are continually rising. By requiring a one-time entrance fee, Life Care locks in a discounted rate for care services that remains predictable over time. If you need to change to an assisted living or skilled nursing residence at some point in the future, your monthly expenses won’t rise significantly.

Talk to your tax advisor.

Choosing Life Care may improve your tax position as well. But perhaps the greatest advantage of Life Care at Jefferson’s Ferry is having guaranteed access to some of the very best senior care services available on Long Island. Our community health center has been given a 5-Star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a Life Care contract?

Jefferson’s Ferry offers Life Care contracts, which are agreements that ensure you’ll have whatever care you need — no matter how far into the future that is — at a predictable cost. It also promises priority access to our advanced care options. That means, should you need it, you’ll have a spot in assisted living,

What are the costs at Jefferson’s Ferry?

Living at Jefferson’s Ferry is covered by two fees, a one-time entrance fee and a monthly service fee.

Why pay an entrance fee for continuing care?

The entrance fee provides residents with lifetime residency at Jefferson’s Ferry, use of all the community amenities and priority access to healthcare services including skilled nursing care, if needed.

The smart way to pay for long-term care costs.

Jefferson’s Ferry offers Life Care contracts with varying levels of refundability.

Is residency at Jefferson’s Ferry
affordable for you?

Our financial calculator makes it easy to find out.

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