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The True Benefits of Community

The True Benefits of Community

More days in your life, more life in your days

Researchers found that people who live in communities tend to live longer. We find that people who live in communities tend to live better, too.

Some of the longest-lived people in the world reside in communal environments that encourage being active, following routines that help reduce stress, and enjoying the support of strong, positive social networks. While this science goes back years, recent months of social distancing have shined more light on the importance and benefits of community living.

At Jefferson’s Ferry, community living means your necessities are built-in, should you ever need them. This takes a lot of worry out of all the what-ifs that can keep you up at night. Even in a world with shortages and closures, you’ll still have everything you need.

Community living is maintenance-free, too. With fewer responsibilities, chores, and errands, you have more room in your day — and your life — for the freedoms you’ve been looking forward to taking advantage of in retirement. Do what you love and enjoy the peace of mind that someone else is taking care of everything else.

No matter what’s going on outside, our community is here for you whenever you want it. Friends and neighbors walk by your door every day. Plus, you can enjoy all the activities you’ve always loved to do and the ones you’ve always wanted to try. Your days can be as busy and social as you’d like them to be.

Retirement is full of choices and opportunities, and at Jefferson’s Ferry, we make sure you can take full advantage of them, no matter what.

Why choose community living?

  • An environment that encourages being active
  • Access to activities and opportunities to get out and enjoy life
  • A built-in support network for friendship and engagement
  • Assurance and peace of mind for life’s necessities
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