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Life Care covers your healthcare, when you need it

Life Care covers your healthcare, when you need it

Your health may be unpredictable. But your future shouldn’t be.

Jefferson’s Ferry is a neighborhood where you can live independently, on your own terms, and, with Life Care, you also get the assurance of healthcare, if you ever need it.

Life Care is a contract that promises you priority access to all levels of living for the same predictable monthly fees, which means you’re guaranteed the care you may need, if and when you need it, at less-than-market rates.

Living at Jefferson’s Ferry is covered by two fees, a one-time entrance fee, and a monthly fee that covers services and amenities, which include healthcare. With the promise of predictable healthcare costs, you don’t have to worry about how much medical services will cost in the future when you actually need to use them. And the cost of healthcare won’t come at the expense of your estate.

Life Care contracts require financial and medical qualification. At the time you apply you need to be healthy and capable of living independently, so don’t wait to make a decision. Plus, knowing you’re prepared for the uncertainties of the future frees you from worrying about them, making it easier to live the life you love.

Why choose Life Care?

  • Predictable monthly fees through all levels of living, for your lifetime
  • Flexible entrance fee options to preserve your estate
  • Priority access to the care you need
  • A plan that protects you from life’s uncertainties

Why choose Jefferson’s Ferry?

Freedom. Security. Peace of mind.

Life Care at Jefferson’s Ferry means living life on your own terms, every day.

Enjoy all your independence and all our services so you can live the life you love, knowing that you’ll have priority access to assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing if your needs change.

Long Island’s first Life Plan retirement community.

Learn more about our community’s history, vision and guiding principles.

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