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The Best Pets for Seniors Living in Apartments

The Best Pets for Seniors Living in Apartments

Are you thinking about making a move to senior living and bringing a furry or finned companion with you? Are you a dog or a cat person? Or maybe you’re considering a fish or one of the other many animals deemed pet-worthy? Owning a pet is one of the most enjoyable relationships you can have. And it goes beyond the emotional satisfaction having a pet brings. According to the CDC, owning a pet not only provides companionship, it can also be good for your mental and physical well-being. But you want to choose the animal that’s right for you.

At Jefferson’s Ferry, we recognize the importance of animal companions and welcome you and your pet to our independent living community. If you’re considering sharing your home, here are some ideas for the best types of pets for seniors, and especially seniors who are living the apartment life:

Unique Ideas of Pets for Independent Living

When you think “pet,” it’s natural to think about something cuddly such as a cat and/or dog. The list below provides suggestions on some other animals that people find pet-worthy according to an article on a site for pet and vet people. These suggestions are also great to consider if you’re concerned about the costs of taking on a pet. Some of these examples may even surprise you!

  • Leopard geckos are low maintenance. In fact, you don’t even have to feed them daily. They’re small, and require  minimal space and upkeep. Best of all, they’re fun to look at.
  • Betta fish also known as “Siamese fighting fish:” There can only be one per tank. These small-space fish are loners. They live in a small tank and are beautiful to watch.
  • Spiders (we’re not kidding) and insects (again, not kidding) make really great pets. They require little time, food, space and are engaging to watch. Plus they make for a great conversation starter at cocktail parties — “Hey, would you like to see my pet tarantula?”

Top Pets for Seniors

If you’re a fan of a more traditional or typical type of pet, here  are some ideas from a senior mobility expert:

  • Dogs, commonly known as “man’s best friend,” are at the top of the list. For seniors, smaller breeds may be better because they’re lap-friendly and easy to walk. Plus, it costs less to take care of them.  A few dog breeds to consider are the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the shih tzu and the Yorkshire terrier.
  • Cats are also a great option for seniors. You don’t have to walk them or take them out to go to the bathroom, and they’re easy to care for. . The British shorthair, Ragdoll and Birman are favorite breeds for seniors.
  • Guinea pigs  are small, furry, live in cages, have lots of personality and make interesting companions.
  • One other thing you might want to consider, regardless of the type of pet you get, is the age of the pet. This may be a time in your life when getting an older pet is best. For one, you’ll already know what their personality and temperament is like.

Additionally, you shouldn’t have to do much training. That means you can spend more time having a companion and enjoying your pet and less time stressing to get it to be a “good boy” or a “good girl.”

Best Pet Friendly Apartments

If you’re ready to make the move into a low-maintenance senior living apartment and want to bring a furry or not-so-furry friend with you, Jefferson’s Ferry welcomes you all! In fact, we’re so popular, we are expanding and have added new one and two bedroom apartments that are perfect for you and your pet. Contact us today.

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