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What to Do with an Extra Bedroom in a Senior Living Apartment

What to Do with an Extra Bedroom in a Senior Living Apartment

If you’re lucky enough to have a room you’re not fully using in your apartment home, why not transform it into something special? Instead of letting it sit empty for most of the year or using it for storage, make it a space you’ll want to spend time in each and every day.

For ideas of what to do with an extra bedroom, we’ve provided a few suggestions to get the wheels turning. But really, that extra room could be anything you want: a place to relax, work, practice your craft or display your memorabilia.

Wondering what to do with an extra bedroom? For inspiration, here are 9 ideas to make an extra room an essential room.

1. Kids Play Room

Paint the room an inviting color, add organizational shelves for all their toys and have fun with the décor. You’ll have a space the kids love being in and a room that keeps the clutter of toys under control and out of the main areas of your home.

a kids playroom

2. Craft Room

If you spend time crafting, you know how supplies can accumulate with each project. Turning a spare bedroom into your own creative oasis can give you a more organized space for you and your projects.

3. Sewing Room

Sewing, knitting and just about any crafting hobby you can think of is much easier when you’ve got a dedicated space for it. In addition to a desk for your sewing machine, you’ll want shelves to keep things organized and wall space for a mood board, swatches and images that inspire you.

4. Dressing Room

Got more clothes than closet space? Then you know what to do with an extra bedroom: Turn it into a dressing room/walk-in closet. Set up storage shelves, hang some wooden rods, put in a vanity and a full-length mirror to reflect your good taste.

5. Home Office

Give yourself a place to work without distractions. You could turn an empty corner into an attractive workspace with an L-shaped desk. Add shelves above for photos and books; put filing cabinets underneath. If you don’t need an entire room for your home office, just designate one wall for your desk and shelves.

home office

6. Library

If you’ve collected enough books over the years to fill up a small library, why not turn your spare bedroom into your own private reading room? Line the walls with shelving and save a corner for a comfy chair to sink into while you get lost in a book.

7. Meditation Room

It doesn’t take much to turn an empty bedroom into a zen room for meditation and yoga. All you really need is a mat. For motivation, why not hang an inspiring quote? Plants, rugs, and cushions can provide comfort and serenity. A small indoor water feature or a diffuser helps set the mood.

8. Home Theater

You don’t have to go full Spielberg for a home theater experience. A big-screen TV, recliner and a bowl of popcorn should do the trick. If you want to invite the neighbors over for movie nights or the big game, add a couch for extra seating.

9. Pet Room

A spare bedroom makes a great place for your pet to sleep in, especially dogs. It’s also a good place for furniture you don’t mind your pet lounging on. Toys, food, and water bowls can all go in the same room and out of your kitchen or bathroom. If you have a cat, a perch or scratch post is the purrfect way to furnish this room.

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