Success Stories

The Darlings"Once again the staff was right there to help! In leaving the Theater after the "Extravaganza" the snow was coming down pretty fast. Steve (of maintenance ) walked me to my car (Me holding his arm for dear life), and then he cleared all my windows with my scraper/brush. What a fantastic team we have here at JF. I feel really blessed."

-Barbara Strongin


The Darlings"The best time to move into a continuing care community is two years before you think you have to. Then you get the benefit of all the great things that are here."

"We just feel that this is the greatest gift that we can give to our kids."

" The attitude of the staff toward residents is that they want to do anything that they can to help. From the top to the bottom. From the CEO to the waiters and waitresses. Everybody."

-Nancy & Chuck Darling


Carol Fenton"We're like a family really. We get along and we have good groups of people get together at different times. Sometimes it's interests, sometimes it's family, sometimes it's just living near each other that brings us together. I have dinner every night with a different group of people."

"If you have family... they have the peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of."
-Carol Fenter


Jim McCain"You can't have anything but a magnificent impression. Everything is so well done. And when you meet the people you realize how really nice it is. The residents and staff included. They make you feel right at home."

" My advice is to come and take a look around. Talk to the people and get their opinion."

-Jim McCahon


Vito"The wealth of life that's here is incredible. The people that you meet, the stories they have to tell; each one could be a chapter in a book."

" It's vibrant, it's alive. You could be busy morning noon and night if you choose. It's your choice."

-Vito Manzella and Janet Hovnanian



Lily & Mary Ann Palma"She doesn't have to worry about anything. If she wants to go somewhere, she just picks up and goes. She doesn't have to worry about the house, the mail, it's great."

"When there's bad weather you still have a social life. When there's fifteen inches of snow outside you walk down the hall and still have dinner with your friends."

-Lillian & Marie Palma


To the staff of Jefferson's Ferry:

I want to thank the staff at Jefferson's Ferry for the quality of care you provide. My father is one of the original residents.  He was in independent living up until last fall and is now in Enhanced Assisted Living.  I have visited him at the Ferry from my home in Australia on a number of occasions, most recently over Christmas and New Years.  On this last visit I was again impressed by the cheerful attitude of the staff toward the residents and their guests - from the front desk, security, dining facilities, nurses, maintenance, cleaners and everybody I had contact with.  It was especially impressive to see how respectful and courteous the younger staff members in the dining room and cafeteria are toward the oldies.

What touched me most of all was the New Years Eve party in the Bove Centre.  The DJ, and the social director did a fantastic job making sure everybody was having fun.  The volunteers who turned up to assist were beautiful.

Thanks again, everybody, for the extra effort you put into keeping the residents of Jefferson's Ferry happy.  All the best from Australia.

John Petsche Jr


"Again, thank you, thank you - for the wonderful way you and your staff are taking charge of caring for us and each other during the complicated chaos of hurricane and snow storm. There isn't much more I can tell you, except what it feels like to be living here. You are so efficient and effective and well organized and caring..... I feel so secure. Growing older and more dependent is not something to be feared or mourned."

Rita Edwards