Successful Aging

Jefferson's Ferry defines successful aging as embracing the five critical elements of healthy living.

Good Nutrition
A healthy diet feeds our brains and our bodies, and helps maintain our strength and overall well-being. Good nutrition is an integral component of aging successfully at Jefferson's Ferry, with a wide variety of healthy food choices and nutrition programs, coupled with the pleasures of dining with a community of friends.

Intellectual Stimulation
Boredom or lack of stimulation can affect our mental and physical health. New ideas spark conversation, further investigation and fire our synapses. Book and film discussions and other clubs, guest speakers, field trips, and lifelong learner programs at Jefferson's Ferry are among the diverse opportunities for ongoing intellectual growth and stimulation.

Physical Health
Maintaining peak health is a balancing act of physical activity and access to preventive medical care and information. An on-site wellness nurse and massage therapist are part of an extensive program including health assessments and fitness programs to benefit your needs.

Safety and Security
Preventing falls, accidents and other mishaps is critical to maintaining optimum health. Jefferson's Ferry's Healthy Living Center has numerous programs and measures in place that support a safe and secure lifestyle.

The Healthy Living Center helps to provide a multitude of opportunities to spend time with others. In addition to informal gatherings, opportunities abound to attend or teach a class or a club, share a meal or enjoy a performance.