Fee Description

There are two types of fees associated with a CCRC:  Entrance Fees and Monthly Service Fees.

The Entrance Fee is a one-time, up front cost for the residence and the contract which guarantees your lifetime access to continuing care for the rest of your life. The entrance fee is based on the size of the residence, number of occupants and the type of refund selected.

Monthly service fees are based on the size of the residence and number of occupants. These fees provide each resident with certain services and amenities such as meals, transportation, housekeeping, maintenance, utilities and linen services.

The Refundable Entrance Fee Plan allows for a refund of 90% of the original first person Entrance Fee paid upon residency.

The Traditional Entrance Fee Plan allows for a declining refund over a four year period.  The amount available for a refund declines by 4% after the first 90 days and further declines 2% per month for the next 48 months of residency.

Refunds are paid per the terms of the Continuing Care Residency Agreement.

Traditional starts at $215,000-$584,100

90% Refundable starts at $381,900- $926,900