Skilled Nursing

Enriched HousingSkilled Nursing services at Jefferson's Ferry are provided on-site at the Vincent Bove Health Center.

Residents who need a higher level of nursing care, disease management or rehabilitation services, transition seamlessly to the well-staffed, 24 hour per day, Vincent Bove Health Center. The skilled nursing center is Medicare certified and has been awarded Medicare's 5-star rating indicating the highest quality of care.

This outstanding level of skilled nursing care is complemented by Jefferson's Ferry's Award-winning Spa Program, which integrates pampering spa-like services into the regular routine of residents. Daily bathing, for example, becomes more pleasurable and less stressful with a gentler approach to personal care using warm fluffy towels, thick terry robes, aromatherapy and high quality, soothing lotions. As performed by our well-trained, caring team, the spa experience relaxes and nurtures the residents, and becomes an essential part of their lives.

Life care residents who first join Jefferson's Ferry in an apartment or cottage, can transfer to skilled nursing with no increase to their monthly fee.