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We believe the good work done through our Foundation makes an impact. And each of our donors, friends of Jefferson's Ferry, leadership team and staff play an important role in making a difference in our community.


In 2010 I inherited from my stepfather, a great deal of stocks. After watching the stock market daily for a couple of years and agonizing over the volubility it created, I decided this was not for me. When the opportunity came to create a trust and earn tax-free income from it, I decided it was the thing to do. Because I am so connected with Jefferson's Ferry both in my feeling of belonging and the many activities in which I am involved, I decided to make Jefferson's Ferry the beneficiary of my trust. My children were all in agreement, so that is what I did. Although I still support various other charities, my main focus is that of the Foundation.

-Carol Fenter

"I am not the first and I imagine I was not the last recipient of this incredible gift, and I can't speak for others, mainly because I have no idea who they are, but I will say I am forever unbelievably grateful. Without this Fund, I wouldn't be able to continue to maintain this wonderful quality of life which we all cherish."

-Anonymous Recipient of Resident Assistance

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